4 Benefits of Rice Face Mask

Rice is not only a staple food in Asia, but it also has many skin-beautifying properties that can be found in skincare.

One of our best-sellers, Rice Face Mask contains 4 types of Japanese rice-derived ingredients to help achieve soft and beautiful skin. We are breaking down the 4 ingredients to show each benefits.

Rice Ingredient #1: Rice Ceramide

Natural ceramides from rice are extracted from rice bran and helps with dry skin. Our skin naturally has ceramides which helps to prevent dry skin and improves the skin’s moisture level. However, as we age the production of ceramides slows down. Skincare containing ceramides can help to supplement the loss.


Rice Ingredient #2: Fermented Rice Liquid

Fermented rice liquid is derived from washing or cooking rice. There are many articles that writes how fermented rice liquid benefits hair and skin. It is said to be an inexpensive ingredient that helps to soothe the hair and skin. Using rice water is also known to be an old practice to keep hair healthy and strong in olden Japan and China.


Rice Ingredient #3: Rice Bran Oil

The oil extracted from rice contains Vitamin E and B that helps to boost skin’s elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It has great moisturising benefits for a younger looking skin.


Rice Ingredient #4: Rice Bran Essence

Similar to the Rice Liquid, Rice Bran Essence is full of vitamins to help keep the skin smooth, moisturised and supple.

Here are a few reviews from our customers who have purchased and tried the Rice Face Mask


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