Fun Facts To Know About Sake


Typically known as sake, this popular fermented Japanese rice drink is actually known as ‘nihonshu‘ in Japan. Nihonshu is also a general term for alcohol in Japan, which translates to ‘Japanese alcohol’.

Like whisky or wine, there are different grades of sake. This depends on the amount of polished rice and distilled alcohol added during the brewing process.

Here’s an infographic by Sake Talk, breaking down the various types of sake.  If you would like to splurge on a fine bottle of sake, go for a bottle of Daiginjo.

Source: Sake Talk


Sake can be served at any temperature warm or chilled depending on your preference. The flavour profile of a sake may taste different based on the temperature it is served. When buying sake, ask the staff for the recommended temperature to serve in order to fully enjoy and appreciate the good bottle of sake bought.

The fun part about tasting sake in a Japanese restaurant is choosing your preferred sake cups from a selection. Known as ochoko, the small cups helps to ensure that the sake is enjoyed at the right temperature when it is served (see previous point). Made from different shapes and materials, glass is most commonly used as it does not affect the sake’s flavour.


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